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Earth Connection - for a natural health

Our modern society has many conveniences. Unfortunately, for a growing number of people this also has a downside. Many people have trouble sleeping, are always tired and millions have a chronic illness.

We offer products that reduce or neutralize radiation from the grid and wireless equipment and thus help to restore the natural state of the body.


New - Floww® Health Technology

Floww® Health Technology



Anti radiation pho..
Anti radiation phone cover 10 x 19 cm
€ 14,90
  per unit
BodyShield EMF Pro..
Protective blanket consisting of 3 layers that protec..
€ 99,00
  per unit
Earthing sheet 90 ..
Earthing sheet made of cotton and silver fibre.
€ 69,00
  per piece
€ 275,00
  per piece

"I wake up refreshed before the alarm clock."

"Joint problems reduced clearly."

"According to my wife I snore less."



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