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Earth Connection - for a natural health

Our modern society has many conveniences. Unfortunately, for a growing number of people this also has a downside. Many people have trouble sleeping, are always tired and millions have a chronic illness.

We offer products that reduce or neutralize radiation from the grid and wireless equipment and thus help to restore the natural state of the body.



Anti radiation pho..
Anti radiation phone cover 10 x 19 cm
€ 14,90
  per unit
BodyShield EMF Pro..
Protective blanket consisting of 3 layers that protec..
€ 99,00
  per unit
Earthing sheet 90 ..
Earthing sheet made of cotton and silver fibre.
€ 72,50
  per piece
Tesla Gold Portable
Blushield Tesla Gold Portable.
€ 249,00
  per piece

"I wake up refreshed before the alarm clock."

"Joint problems reduced clearly."

"According to my wife I snore less."



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