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Back on Track Socks

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The Back on Track Socks is a greatly appreciated product by our customers. Many people have problems with their feet, either caused by inflammation or poor circulation. The socks work particularly well in combination with the Back on Track Insoles. Remember that the ceramic textile reflects more warmth when we produce heat ourselves, for instance through movement. Once you are comfortable with the sock product, you may enjoy the socks' effect whist sleeping. If your heel is part of your particular problem, then the sock is the best choice because it covers the whole foot area. If you have sprained your ankle then the ankle brace may be a better choice as it provides a certain degree of support.. Comes in three sizes in pairs (6.5-11.5).

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Anonymous - 20-08-2018 10:19

I am using the socks a lot now at night when i go to sleep . I put my calendula spread on my feet and wear my socks all night long. They are comfortable for my feet and the fibers are helping recover my skin little by little, along with grounding : )