NEW!  Earthing Sleep Mat 136 x 180 cm
NEW! Earthing Sleep Mat 136 x 180 cm
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Earthing Sleep Mat 136 x 180 cm with 5 meter connection cable
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An earthing sleep mat is a sustainable alternative to an earthing sheet. 
An earthing sheet lasts about 2 years because the silver thread is subject to wear. The grounding sleep mat is made of carbon-based conductive material and will last for years longer.

  • Including 5 meter cable with alligator clip connection.
  • The leather-like side goes up and the cotton side goes down. You can put a regular non-synthetic sheet on top of the grounding mat.
  • Made of 100% conductive carbon perforated leatherette. Ventholes for comfortable and
    breathable skin contact.
  • Elastic straps to keep the earthing mat stay in place.
  • Cleaning:
    For general cleaning, you can simply wipe off the earthing mat with a water dampened cloth.
    When i.e. your kids had an accident on the mat you can clean it with foamy water.

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