Earthing bracelet with cable
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Metal earthing bracelet with coiled cable

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The bracelet can be used, for example, in the car. The crocodile clip can be connected with the body of the car (for example at the car seat connection, on an unpainted part).

Electrostatic charges will be discharged which will help prevent cas sickness and fatigue.

Important: for connecting your product to a UK-type socket you will need an earthed travel adapter. You will find one under 'Earthing Accessories'.

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Anonymous - 18-04-2019 11:19

Armband is van zeer degelijk materiaal, draagt prettig. Een verlengsnoer zou prettig zijn, of langer snoer.
Maar al met al heel tevreden!

Arnold - 10-02-2019 17:25

Prettig werken als ik in de computer moet schroeven. prima ding

Andreas - 15-12-2018 20:01

Leider bin ich mit dem Armband überhaupt nicht zufrieden. Die Ableitung funktioniert zwar einwandfrei aber die Haare meines Unterarms verklemmen in den Metallgliedern des Armbands was so unangenehm ist, dass ich es nicht weiter benutzen kann. Schade :-(

sonia - 24-08-2018 20:56

My previous bracelet, i have used it a lot in public transport, bus specially, and i cant tell the amount of suspicious faces heading my way when i am looking under the sit for a proper connection... if i am lucky,,, i had the cable slightly broken on different places due to this use and i wasn't sure if the conductivity was still all right, i will have to be more careful with this one : ) I have got my practice now ,,,