Earthing Products
 How do I connect an earthing product?
 Isn't it dangerous to connect the earthing product to the electrical outlet?
 What happens if the earthing product is not grounded (correctly) ?
 Can I also put the earthing sheet underneath my regular sheet?
 Is there no special plug needed with the products?
 How can I wash the earthing sheet?
 What should I do in case of lightning?
 How is it possible that the earthing products of Earth Connection are cheaper than other earthing products?
 Is the performance of the Earth Connection products just as good?
 What can I do if I am not satisfied with the product?
 What immediate benefits does the Blushield give me?
 What long term benefits may I see using a Blushield?
 Does the Blushield block EMF?
 Can I adjust my environment so I don’t need a Blushield?
 Can I eventually do without a Blushield?
 Can I get detox symptoms?
 Can I use a Blushield product if I am pregnant?
 Where do I install the Blushield plug-in?
 How do I know that my Blushield is working?
 Does the Blushield emit a sound?
 I can't feel anything, am I still protected from EMF?
 Will leaving my Blushield in the sun effect the performance?