First of all I would like to share my own experience with you. For years I suffered from severe sleeping problems. All kinds of examinations and also a sleep course had no result. I ended up taking sleeping pills for two years. Then I started to use earthing products. I sleep much better now and when I wake up in the morning I feel really rested and refreshed. The sleeping pills are history!
Now that I am using the earthing products for quite some time I notice that my blood pressure, which always was too low, has normalized (120/80) as well as my metabolism. Also my partner who did not have a sleeping problem, but does have a physical heavy job, indicates that he sleeps deeper and gets up really rested.


I have now been sleeping on my earthing sheet for a couple of months. It is difficult to say how much the sheet is improving my health, but I only get on average 6 hours sleep a night due to being a carer for an elderly parent.
However I always wake feeling refreshed and ready for another day. I am very sensitive to EMF and mobile phones etc. Since moving all of the equipment away from the bedroom I have found definite improvements.
I have noticed that when I sleep away from home my sleep isn\'t as deep and unbroken.
I would recommend your products to all my friends.

Mike Maynard

 I am very pleased with my earthingproducts. I feel warmer in bed, I have been very cold. When I sit with my feet on the mat when using my computer, I don\'t get as tired. 
The service was promt and good.

Liv Stang-Lund

We are sleeping on the earthing sheet for almost a month, I have sewn a strip of an old bed sheet on both sides of the single-bed earthing sheet so that I can tuck in the sides and we both can take advantage of the earthing sheet. Also, I turned off the electricity of our bed, which I actually only used when cleaning under the bed. I notice that I am more refreshed when I wake up and my husband now is less bothered by his back. So far positive messages! I am planning to purchase a second sheet soon, so that we both have an entire sheet.

Annette van der Vliet

After the good experience of my wife with the earthing bed sheet, I also have ordered one. I sleep on it for almost 1 month now and I notice that I sleep better. According to my wife I also snore less, although we were hoping that that the snoring would be over all together. Furthermore, I have less suffered from cramps in my legs. I'm curious what effects I may experience in the future, but already I am positively surprised.


For about 10 years I suffer from a chronic tennis elbow. Physical therapy, acupuncture and rest had little effect. But imagine my surprise: after 1 night sleeping on the earthing bed sheet my arm was completely pain free the next morning! For the first time in all these years. It is not that the tennis elbow is healed (it remains a weak spot), but I now know that if it bothers me in the course of the day, the next morning it will be fine. What a pity I didn’t discover this product years earlier.


I am sleeping on the earthing sheet for over a month now. I noticed right away that I slept better. I feel more refreshed and I feel that the tension in my body reduces. I feel more relaxed. So it works ! I put the earthing sheet under my regular (cotton) fitted sheet and that works fine. I sleep without pyjamas, and I am not cold in the winter, while before I was cold very quickly. That is a sign that the blood circulation improves. I feel good and can recommend it to everyone!


I ordered an earthing sheet because I think all the radiation around us can't be good. The first nights I had to get used to it, I was a little restless. A sign that something is happening. If you wear pyjamas the first days the effect is less and you get used to it very soon. I was not a very bad sleeper before but now I feel more rested. And I think it is a good way to reduce adverse effects of radiation on the body and prevent complaints as far as possible.


After I received the earthing mat I used the multimeter to measure. Phew, that was pretty scary ..... Behind my laptop (plugged in, Wi-Fi on) I had 14 volt in my body! With socks on the earthing mat it was reduced to 0.6 volts. Clear that the mat doing its job! At night I use it under my feet. Even more fun than the measuring are the things that physically happened after a week of earthing.

  • Almost no more cold feet, blood flow is better! Because of a disability I move little and then you end up with cold feet.

  • I no longer suffer from "dead fingers" or Raynaud's syndrome.

  • I wake up refreshed before the alarm. In the winter months that is really special for me!

  • I Sleep better (faster) and I dream more.

I Am very satisfied with the earthing mat and can recommend it to everybody!


Since I've been on the earthing sheet, I sleep much better and feel much more rested in the morning than before. In the beginning I thought of it as hokus pokus, but now I have used it for almost a month, I can conclude, that it works!


A fine product that I can recommend to everyone. I sleep for a month on the earthing sheet and notice that:

  • my sleep improved

  • blood circulation has increased, no cold feet

  • joint problems clearly reduced.

I am wondering what sleeping grounded will do in the long run!


I am very pleased, when I wake up in the morning I feel no more pain! Sleep is also very good.

N. Moereels


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