Tesla Gold Plug-in's - Protection at home, work and school

The Plug-in models offer a stronger and larger area of protection for your home or office than the portable models. 

    The large area cubes are two times as powerful as the plug-in. The black model is the luxury version. Both cubes have the same effect.

Do not make the mistake of purchasing a portable model to carry around in your home and think you are protected. We recommend you first start with the Plug-in model and use the portable solely for venturing outside the protected (plugin) area.

Combine your Blushield plug-in with a Blushield Portable model when you are on the go.


Tesla Gold Plug-in

Blushield Tesla Gold Plug-in.




Tesla Gold Premium Large Area

Blushield Tesla Gold Premium Large Area.


The Tesla Gold Series high powered multiple waveform technology features top of the line protection. Ideal for EMF's from wireless devices, Wi-Fi and cell towers. The gold series is available in a portable and plugin model. All Tesla Gold models feature the new multiple waveform output which makes the new Tesla Gold Series unique and is the best protection yet.

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YoutubeBlushield portable device video

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