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Anti radiation phone cover
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Anti radiation phone cover 10 x 19 cm

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This phone cover has 2 pockets.

In the back pocket the signal of you phone will be completely blocked.

  • Your body will be protecet from harmfull radiation from your phone.
  • When driving the car this increases the safety as you will not be distracted.
  • Your location can not be detected through your telephone.
  • Identity papers and creditcards with RFID-chip wil be safe and can not be read.
When you put the phone in the front pocket the signal will not be blocked but the phone cover acts as a shield between your phone and your body (backside towards your body). So less of the harmfull radiation will enter your body.

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Anonymous -

Dit is nu echt iets super goed, dit zocht ik al langer, bedankt jullie verkopen goede producten en de verzending verloopt prima, ook naar B.

Anja Everding -

die Handy Tasche ... sie erfüllt ihren zweck eibandfrei doch leider ist sie gleich am 2 Tag Kaput gegangen
(Innenseite oben in der Rundung am Klettverschluss ist der Stoff
zu knapp vernäht. Da hat sich der Stoff aufgelöst. Schade) ABER super Tasche ich fühle mich gut mit ihr unterwegs
oder neben dem Bett .

(Eine neue Tasche ist gesendet)

Johan -

Handig en tegelijk goede bescherming voor m'n smartphone. Goed dat je zo minder straling ontvangt op momenten dat je je toestel toch niet gebruikt. Ietwat lang formaat misschien, maar deze gaat ook mee in m'n broekzak als ik bijvoorbeeld ga joggen.

sonia -

I am very reticent of mobile phones and taking them everywhere with me really. I think i am really bad at being handy and ready for others 24h/7! some call me wild cat, and i surely am a cat! and 'wild' sounds good.
Last thing i can remember I had an anti radiation small 'bag' based on silver cover for the small mobile phone i had, i bought it here in spain in the basque country. But i lost it, and this product has come at the right time for me, as protective thing, as i need to take the phone and use it more now than i usually do. Handy, thanks!

Anonymous -

Toll, merke weniger Stress bei Autofahren, Etui ist leicht und praktisc mit 2 Optionen.

Jo -

Heel handig!

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