Socket tester (type E or F) 5 2
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Socket tester (type E or F)
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Checks if the (type E or F) socket is wired correctly.

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Important: The tester is suitable for sockets type E or F. The tester is therefore not suitable for all European countries. See
Result 1, 4 or 5: you can use this outlet for your earthing product.
Rsult 2 or 3: you can not use this outlet for your earthing product.

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Anonymous -

Testet zuverlässig ob die Steckdose richtig geerdet ist. Unabdingbares Accessoir für den Gebrauch von Erdungsprodukten :)

sonia -

I have bought a socket tester along with some other earthing accesories and i find it really helpful. I had a good surprise that all of the sockets in the flat where i live are green CORRECT, as it seems that at least the electricians did a good job there. Good for them! I can notice the typical tingling when i use my earthing mat all around the house and positively know that it is working, it gives a peace of mind. Many thanks,,

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