Earthing - Stay healthy, get Grounded

By using an earthing product, such as an earthing sheet or an earthing mat, the contact with the Earth is restored. This is called "Earthing" or "Grounding".

Our modern society has many conveniences. Unfortunately, for a growing number of people, this also has a downside. By living, working and sleeping on floors and by wearing shoes with rubber soles, we have literally lost the contact with the Earth. This leads to an electron imbalance in the body and a too high bodyvoltage. Naturally the body voltage is zero, but by not being earthed this can add up to 10 volts.

Direct skin contact with the Earth helps your body to absorb the free electrons of the Earth. These electrons will help to prevent or cure inflammations, the cause of many diseases.

In the past century the amount of electromagnetic radiation has increased tremendously. This includes both low-frequency radiation, such as light bulbs and home appliances, and high frequency radiation of cell towers, mobile phones and Wi-Fi. There are more and more people that have complaints because of this "ElectroSmog" or pure by not being connected to the Earth.

The advise is to walk barefoot as much as you can. Of course this isn't always possible. We offer products, like earthing sheets or earthing mats, that will help to re-establish the natural "electric" state of the body while you are sleeping, working or relaxing.